Measuring clients is one of the most important things while working at Tuxedo Park. We pride ourselves on customer service and being recommended to the friends and family of our clients. Accurate measurements of clientele translates to not only a happy customer but also a smooth flow in the production room for the tailoring staff and those on the floor. If we measure correctly, we can move customers in and out of the store seamlessly. Practice makes perfect, and perfection takes time, so don't be discouraged if your first few dozen measurements need some adjusting. Follow the guidelines below and you will be on your way to helping happy customers!


NECK: Place tape around neck at the level where the shirt collar would button. With two fi ngers under the tape (index and middle fi ngers together) determine neck size. Take mental note of the measurement. Do not pull the tape too tight and be sure the customer is comfortable.


Place the tape around the gentlemen’s waist just below the navel. This is the height at which formal trousers are worn. Make sure tape is snug and ask customer if this is comfortable for him. Asking the customer what trouser size he wears may confirm the waist size for you (unless the customer usually wears the waist very low). 


SHIRT SLEEVE LENGTH: Starting the tape just below the back of the neck at the center of the spine, place the tape over the shoulder and then down the arm over the elbow to a point of approximately 1” past the wrist bone (see below). Always measure longer rather than short, since the sleeve button and/or cuff link will prevent the sleeve from being too long. Remember, our shirts end on the odd length only.


 With the customer standing straight, looking forward and legs slightly apart, place the start of the tape at the side of the waist level with the navel. Straighten the tape down the outside of the leg until you reach the bottom of the outside ankle bone. This is the correct outseam measurement to record. If the customer is wearing a dress shoe, measure to the top of the heel and deduct 1 1/2”.